6 Podcast Recommendations

I love a podcast. I like the way that you can almost always find one on whatever topic you’re interested in and for me they help wile away (redeem even) those boring daily tasks that take about 20 mins but would otherwise feel like 20 hours. I really enjoy that slightly cheeky sense that you are listening in to someone else’s chat. To be honest, I have a not-so-secret dream to host one myself…but in the meantime here are my current recommendations:

1. Knowing Faith: Theology for fun you say? Why, yes! Men and women treating each other with mutual siblingly (why isn’t there a word for that?!) respect, as equals in intellect and wit? Yes, please! I also appreciate the references to The West Wing and Parks and Rec. In the latest season (6) the regular hosts introduced listeners to a fair few guests, bringing a freshness and pointing us in the way of thinkers we may not otherwise have come across.

Favourite episode so far: #44 A Generous Complementarianism

I listen on: Apple Podcasts

2. Happiness & How to Get It: While this is not a Christian podcast, I have found it amusing and relatable. The hosts bring a mix of chattiness and realism to the question of well-being, interviewing an expert each week and offering very practical tips to improve our quality of life. Whilst they don’t ever deal with deep worldview level reasons for people’s unhappiness, there are some nice everyday practical tips that I have found helpful.

Favourite episode so far: Episode 5 Making and Breaking Habits

I listen on: Audible

3. Unlocking Conflict: This podcast is linked to my friend’s mediation social enterprise and that is how I came across it. While not explicitly “Christian” most of the contributors are, and the themes of reconciliation and relationship care are deeply relevant. It deals with things like: how to have hard conversations, how to communicate effectively, and how to de-escalate intense environments.

My favourite episode so far: Episode 3 Unlocking the Power of Listening

I listen on: Apple Podcasts

4. Making Sense of Life with Dr Sunil Raheja: This one is a bit left-field but I really like it most of the time. It’s quite poorly produced, the sound is often oddly mixed and sometimes the topics are a bit random. However, I enjoy the vibe that the host – a consultant psychiatrist who is also a believer – brings. Listening is a bit like having a chat with that kindly wise older man at church who always asks great questions and offers pithy insights that make you feel better.

Favourite episode so far: Episode 13 Life Work Balance

I listen on: Apple Podcasts

5. This Cultural Moment: This podcast series takes a whole load of modern western “progressive” themes and puts them under the lens of Jesus’ teaching. It’s incredibly dense (I’m thinking of listening to it all again from the beginning!) but I had so many eureka moments as I went through. I particularly appreciated the way the hosts could put enormously complex thoughts and phenomena into clear and simple terms.

Favourite episode so far: Season 3 Episode 3 True Individuality is Found in Dying to Self (And Other Things You Don’t Hear On The Street)

I listen on: Apple Podcasts

6. Fashioned: It’s about the history of fashion. If you like either you’ll probably like it. I do. I mean, who wouldn’t want to learn about medieval laws to limit the pointiness of people’s shoes?!

Favourite episode so far: Season 1 Episode 1 Dressing to Express

I listen on: Audible

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