False Idols

by Corrie

You were bright, star-eyes, dreamer,
hoper after better –
excitement of your first victory
coursing through your veins.
You were bright when you cheered,
and though part of you was forsaken,stricken, and tormented
you did not show it
on your face,
and you were beautiful to me.
The galaxies above us,
you promised we’d explore them.
Sweet fellowship, my dear one.
I wore your image on my face.
I protected, honored, loved you
when I found you
on the roadside,
and though stained and self destructive, you,
I longed to love you still.
Your songs flowed from my lips.
But now I ask, what are you?
We, the people, we had hoped…but I don’t know you now.
Perhaps I never knew you.
Still, I had hoped.
I had hoped for better.
Told myself the story
of the day you stopped
self-harming,of the moment your whole being – every part of it –
was free.
How could you allow this desecration
to continue?
How could I not see
how you would do it still.
How are we divided –
your first victory, panting,
declaring to the world
you’re unbeaten, and afraid?
I beg you, face your demons.
I plead, confess your sins.
I’m asking you,
for all the love you asked
in that damn pledge –
I want us to do better,
because I bear that love.
I hate to see you scratching
at your heart.
It’s hurting mine

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