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After losing her job Philly found she had actually no extra time on her hands because she has two sweet small people to look after. But she likes to think and talk and talk and think and write and wants to challenge herself to write more and to put some of that thinking and talking into words and out into a slightly wider world. She’d love to spark conversations that she’ll never know happened.

I think one of the hardest things about being a Christian is remembering in the midst of the mess and the reading of the news and the cleaning of the teeth and the worry and the laughter that the triune Lord God of the universe is Here, present with us in every moment. That’s what I’m working on; you’re welcome to join me. 


I am: a wife; a mummy; an artist; a poet; a writer; mixed-up-can’t-stick-too-long-to-one-thing person; trying to be a grown up; easily unsettled; trying to be less wasteful; an excellent masterful loser of things; half Leslie: half April; a Christian speaker and Bible teacher. 

I tend to: see shadows in the sunshine; overstate things almost all the time; try to be funny; criticise, myself most of all; start things I never finish; wish I was a folk singer; forget things; dislike people until I get to know them

You could also support Philly in her next ministry role, working with UCCF from August 2021.


Writer & Content Editor

Chris is works for his local church reaching into the community to help those who are in debt or struggling and to share the love of Jesus. He is a daddy, a writer and the best human ever*, according to some sources. He is married to Philly. Chris is currently studying with Crosslands Seminary. He also plays the ukulele.

* except Jesus, obviously.

Articles: St John of the Cross: The (Original) Dark Knight



Kate is a student in her final year at Newcastle University where she studies French and Spanish. She is currently trying to work out what next with her life and in the meantime getting some thoughts down for Calm & Distressed. When not writing you might find her running, painting or attempting to cook!

Articles: Turning Twenty with Anne

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